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    Ningbo guangjie electronic technology co., LTD.

    Ningbo guangjie electronic technology co., LTD. Is a professional manufacturer of terminals and various connectors. Company is committed to product development, after years of efforts, jie electronic light already has a wealth of manufacturing experience terminals, the complete professional production equipment, strict quality control procedures, perfect internal distribution network, a wide range of product application example obtained fast development, the company is in a leading position in the field, to become one of important terminals and hardware suppliers in Asia. Its products are widely used in the fields of communication equipment, instrument and meter, computer, program control machine, alarm device, lighting, elevator controller, automatic control system, household appliance and so on.

    Guangjie electronic technology strong force, variety complete, quality excellence, the company has r & d center, mold manufacturing, injection molding, metal processing and assembly products departments, the use of international advanced management methods and advanced production equipment. In order to adapt to the market demand and keep improving, the company has introduced a number of automatic production technologies and equipment, including CAD/CAM and processing center, and developed new products that are diversified, forward-looking and dominating the market.

    The company mainly produces: hardware; Eurotype terminals; Plug terminal; Fence terminal; PCB terminals; Screw free terminal; Through type terminals; American type and Japanese type terminals; Power connection terminal; LED power connection terminal; Switch power connection terminal; Switch terminals; LED terminals; Electrical terminals; All kinds of terminal blocks; Row needles; Row seat; Switch, button and other types of connectors.

    "Guangjie electronics" adhere to the people-oriented, technology for development, quality for the market. Our vision and goal is: to be the leading supplier of electronic components and hardware in China and the world. Wish to cooperate with domestic and foreign customers to create a brilliant tomorrow

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