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    • What Is A Terminal Block?2019-04-26
      A terminal block (also called a connection terminal or terminal connector) is a modular block with an insulated frame that secures two or more wires together. It consists of a clamping component and a conducting strip. A typical simplest terminal block is as shown in the image below.
    • Summary of terminal/terminal row connection technology2018-07-30
      Connector terminal is a common connector product in the industrial automation industry. It has a wide range of types and complete functions, and has an absolute advantage in the field of wire connection and signal transmission. End connection means the connection between the terminal contact and the wire or cable. Reasonable choice of connection mode and correct use of end connection technology is also an important aspect of the use and selection of plastic terminal.
    • What is the terminal row? How do you connect it?2018-07-30
      Terminal row: electrical engineering in a series of combined wiring fixed devices. The number of terminals in each row is different, and its type can be determined according to the requirements of engineering technical parameters.
    • Precision metal stamping parts basic stamping process2018-07-30
      The blanking and punching process of precision metal stamping parts is to separate the blank. The blanking and punching process is exactly the same, except for different purposes. When discharging, the separated part is the finished product, and the rest is the waste around
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